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Dr. Pauley, physical chemist in the department from 1954 until his retirement in 1989.
He passed away on August 11, 2010.  Photos from 1958.

Images of Dr. James Pauley
Pauley 1958 James Pauley

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Equipment Images
atomic absorption spectrometer

GBC 908 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

NMR Spectrometer

Bruker DPX-300 NMR spectrometer

calculator based laboratory System

"Calculator Based Laboratory" (CBL) System

ISO FluoroMax-Fluorometer

ISO FluoroMax-Fluorometer

computer lab

Computer lab in Room 121 Heckert-Wells

thermo nicolet IR-300r

Thermo Nicolet IR-300r

shimadzu GC

Shimadzu GC/MS [GC17A Gas Chromatograph with a QP5000 Mass Spectrometer detector

atago AP-100

Atago AP-100 Polarimeter

60MHz Proton NMR spectrometer

60 MHz Proton NMR spectrometer



mattson research series FTIR

Mattson Research Series FTIR

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  • Liquid Crystalline Decyloxybenzoic Acid form nematic, smectic and two solid phases
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Liquid Crystalline Decyloxybenzoic Acid form nematic, smectic and two solid phases (Video Download Link)

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